If you plan on spending any time refurbishing and flipping Sony Playstation 2 consoles, it’s important to know how to identify the version number of them. Having this information will make your life much easier when it comes to buying and swapping replacement parts.

With most versions you can use the model number and serial number on the back of your Playstation 2 to identify the version number without having to look at any internal parts. There are, however, some versions that will require looking at the stamp on the mainboard.

Country Codes

Playstation 2 model numbers are prefixed with an “SCPH”followed by 5 numbers. Fun fact, the last number in the model determines the country code.

 Country CodeCountry
1North America
2Australia, New Zealand
4United Kingdom

For example, if your Playstation 2 model is SCPH-39001, the “1” in that sequence states that it is a North American console.

Version Identification

Version 1, 2, and 3

ModelSerial Number PrefixDate CodeVersion
SCPH-3000#U1Version 1
SCPH-3000#U0Version 2
SCPH-3000#U11AVersion 3
SCPH-3000#U21AVersion 3
SCPH-3000#U20DVersion 3

V1, V2, and V3 consoles also used a total of 10 screws to hold both halves of the case together.

Version 4

ModelSerial Number PrefixDate CodeVersion
SCPH-3000#U01CVersion 4
SCPH-3000#U11CVersion 4
SCPH-3000#U21CVersion 4
SCPH-3000#U31CVersion 4
SCPH-3000#U4Version 4
SCPH-3000#U51CVersion 4

V4 consoles used a total of 8 screws to hold both halves of the case together. Also, when standing the console vertically, if you look at the back bottom you will see an electrical warning stamped in to the case that wasn’t present in earlier versions.

Version 5

ModelSerial Number PrefixDate CodeVersion
SCPH-3000#U11DVersion 5
SCPH-3000#U31DVersion 5

Version 6 / 5.1


Version 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Unfortunately, for models SCPH-3900# and SCPH-5000#, there isn’t a way to identify the version number without opening the case and looking at the model number of the mainboard.

SCPH-3900#GH-017Version 7
SCPH-3900#GH-022Version 8
SCPH-5000#GH-023Version 9
SCPH-5000#GH-026Version 10
SCPH-5000#GH-027Version 11
SCPH-5000#GH-029Version 11