Wrapping Up

Well… how did it work out for you? Were you able to bring your NES back from the dead? Know of a cleaning method or technique you stand by?

Leave a comment and share your results!


  • When diagnosing the cause, it really helps if you have a second NES that you know works. You can swap 72-pin connectors and see if the working console has the same results. Obviously not everyone will have a spare NES, but it helps if you do!
  • Same for games, don’t try just one game. Use two or three when testing.
  • Be patient with cleaning. Do it twice if needed! In almost all cases I’ve come across, a simple but thorough cleaning is all that was needed.
  • As I said in the article, clean your games! This is crucial. Your 72-pin might be fine, it could be your filthy games!
  • On that same note, if you’re buying used games from flea markets or online somewhere, clean the contacts before it goes in your console.